Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remember these?

When it comes to anything with chocolate, I usually want it like my arugula: straight up and on its own. (See a pattern here?) I'll gladly forgo a snickers bar, a mars bar, or other mixed up candy bars for a sliver of pure chocolate. Good chocolate, of course.


My son was spreading out the loot in that glorious post-Trick-or-Treating tradition, and I saw these. I told him how I'd loved them as a kid, and he quickly popped one in his mouth. Just as quickly, it was gone. I explained that you must let the chocolaty outside melt slowly, and then you can feel the igneous-like inside start to's all about the texture. He's only 5 so I don't know how much of this lesson he'll remember, but he gave it another try.

The whole texture experience wasn't a big hit. Lucky for me.