Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Springing into the herb garden...

This is going to be one of those posts without recipes. Lazy perhaps, but a little brave, because I am going public with my "before" picture before I've snapped the "after". I work much better under pressure.

After a winter and early spring of neglect, here is what my poor little herb garden looks like. Warts and all.

This spearmint is coming back nicely; no surprise there. Especially outside the make-shift brick border (which seemed like such a good idea last summer). Again, no surprise there.

Welcome back lovely sage! This looks like it is getting ready to bloom, and I need to decide if I should let it. It was planted after the spring last year, and I think this is the first time I've had sage come back (I haven't grown it often)...stay tuned!

My dependable thyme.

This voluptuous lavendar amazes me every year. It turns from silvery-gray to green without dropping so much as a needle. I'm almost afraid to touch it -- the stones under it have been there much longer than I've been admiring it. Luckily, it appears to thrive on my neglect.

This patch already smells of chocolate -- the chocolate mint is spreading like...well, mint. I may need to transfer this to a container. I'm also thinking of "gifting" some of it... (fair warning!)

If you're wondering why my herb garden isn't further along, here are a few photos of my springtime distractions...

"After" photos soon. And perhaps a recipe as well. Happy spring!