Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pantry Supper

 We've all experienced those days when the energy for hunting and gathering just isn't there. Even if Kroger is a whopping 2 minute drive. Yesterday, I had one of those days.

I fell asleep in the driveway. (Mom: Put down the custody paperwork.The car wasn't moving.) The boy said, "Keys, please," and ran into the house, while I was gently lulled into relaxation by the residual heat from the seat warmer. Twenty minutes later I woke with a very stiff neck (Aren't headrests supposed to support heads? Grrr.) and an "I'm not shopping" attitude. Time for a combination "Pantry Supper" slash "Clean out the Fridge" kind of meal. (Pizza night is another remedy for this attitude, btw, but I had already played that card several nights before.)

In other news, I'm completely enamored with Vine, the new video-sharing app from Twitter. I've been telling stories in 6 seconds with moving pictures (Follow me -- I'm using the name Jennifer Burchett, just like I do in real life.) And in the spirit of moving pictures, here is a slideshow of our Pantry Supper.

Click on this and then click on the arrow to begin. (Or click here and scroll through the set, because some devices play a random slideshow without my fun captions. Ah technology!)



Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite ways to cook. It's like a jigsaw puzzle--how can I make these 4 ingredients fit together? And this meal looks especially yummy. said...

This is my favorite way to cook. It's like a jigsaw puzzle--how can I get all these ingredients to fit together? Looks like you sure figured it out!