Monday, June 22, 2009

Blessed Cornbread Suppers

I'm lucky to live in Lexington, Kentucky. Sure, there's all that bourbon and horses stuff. But a less publicized jewel in our crown takes place every Monday night on Campsie Place.

There is no need for me to tell the Cornbread Suppers story. Rona explains it beautifully here. It's a glorious thing Steve and Rona do, week after week. Those of us who hunger for a little fellowship, a little comfort or stimulation, and of course -- food, show up. With or without a contribution, we are welcome. We are nourished.

Our hosts make lots of cornbread (usually advertised in advance on facebook), and guests bring a dish (or not -- no pressure). Rona has a small pad of paper conveniently at the ready, and we label our contributions as we set them on the large table in the dining room. Tonight we tasted Rona's fabulous cornbread with garlic from Blue Moon Farm (vegetarian and bacon-y version available),

Red and golden beets, and much more:

The buffet table overflowed tonight with pesto pasta salad, whole wheat fusilli, fresh green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, roasted pork loin, apple pie, watermelon soup... truly a feast.

Thank you S and R for such a generous community spirit!


Anonymous said...

i am looking forward to your daily posts.

Anonymous said...

Did you change your mind?

Jennifer said...

Hi Anon -- Glad to know someone is checking in! That's motivation!

I'm posting daily updates on twitter (eatwellathome) and most days are posted on facebook (Jennifer Burchett) as well. I will be updating the blog shortly, and I'll link the the fklickr site that has all the photos.


Rona Roberts said...

This is so lovely and kind of you, Jennifer. Thank you.