Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Month of Suppers Project

Day 5: Grilled chicken over jasmine rice topped with avocado-corn-tomato relish,
with green beans, crisp green salad and buttermilk cornbread

This is day 11, and I'm more and more impressed by E.F.'s tenacity!
He has been creating dolls, while I'm shooting for a month of creative meals -- hopefully with no repeats. I can see why he used the term, "creativity boot camp." The biggest challenge so far has been to deal with left-overs. Like most families, every 3 nights (or so) we usually make a meal out of them. Frugal? Time saving? Fridge de-cluttering? All the above. For now, I'm either serving left-overs for lunch, or freezing them. I really must work on cooking for 3!

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Bill Goodman said...

Jennifer....quick note about the Soup!
Scrumptious....Deb and I picked some up this week from Wine Market and loved it....
Let's open the Soup Kitchen on Jefferson!
Best..Bill G.

Jennifer said...

Thanks -- I'm letting the idea "marinate" ...